The Gateway of Revelation of Knowledge

"I am the God who forms Fire for the Head"
(From an ancient Irish poem in the Lebor Gabála Érenn, the "Book of the Invasions of Ireland".)

The First Fire burned on the Hill of Uisneach, at the centre of Erinn, Ireland. Lit by the Master Druids, the Fire burned for seven years, and all Fires of the land were lit from it. With the Fire came the first human though, consciousness of Self, and imagination. It was the first phenomenon on which the human mind reflected, and through the Fire everything changed.

On the same hill, in the centre of Ireland, stands the Ail na Míreann – the Stone of Separations. It divides the land into five fifths: four provinces, and a hidden, invisible centre, in which the Sacred Fire still burns. It is the Axis Mundi in the Celtic cosmology from which the five directions begin: the four cardinal, external directions, and the fifth: the Centre, the Here. The five-fold structure in this world, Bith, repeats also in the Upper World, Magh Mor, and in the Underworld, Tír Andomhain. And in the centre of this Cosmos, shining through the three levels of Being and each five directions, the Sacred Fire burns.

As in the mythological past the deities and champions found mysteries of the different levels of Being through Imbas Forosna, "Revelation of Knowledge" or "Revelation That Illuminates", so does the Initiates in the Pylon work to light the Flame on all levels of Being, and use it to find the right direction on their journey.

The Imbas Forosna Pylon is located in Ireland and meets four times a year. The meeting and workings will be related to the mythological ancient sites. Imbas Forosna is heavily influenced by the rich Irish mythology. The universal, magical concepts already used by the ancient Magi, are revised within a Setian Context. The Pylon works to re-light the Black Flame on this ancient island, and in addition to any Irish-based members, welcomes also any other Initiates sharing its interest in Celtic Mythology, able to participate in at least two meetings a year, and otherwise willing to bring with them their approach and revealed knowledge for others to learn from.


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