The Order of Horus was established at the Heb Sed Festival of the Temple of Set, year XXX of the AEon of Set. In Egypt the Heb Sed Festival involved a ritual and symbolic joining of the two powers: Horus and Set - Upper and Lower Egypt. The Order of Horus was established to make manifest the neter HarWer, or Horus the Elder/the Great Celestial Horus, the brother of Set.

The Order of Horus focuses upon power and is for those who, like the ancient pharaohs, would take the Falcon God as an emblem of their personal and unique power. As the Order of Horus involves a number of individuals and not just a single pharaoh, the members of the Order of Horus are nobles, the princes of Set. As in any order of nobility, the members of the Order wield power and assume commensurate responsibilities.

As power is not to be confused with force, it is important to clearly distinguish these two ideas. The idea of power is that which can flow from a non-corporeal entity, such as an individual, an ideal, or an aeonic Word. For example, words such as Xeper, Remanifest, and Runa all carry a great deal of power but do not entail force. The use of brute force is antithetical to real power, as real power takes effect by virtue of itself. Hence no one would force another to accept an individual, an ideal, or an aeonic Word.

The Order of Horus is also concerned with action. Action can be thought of as part of a threefold scheme of principles:

• 1. Consciousness: reflective awareness, reasoning, and the ultimate nature of an individual. This may also be thought of a an aspect of the Gift of Set.

•2. Action: the power to make manifest or to cause change, creation, and self-unfolding, as well as the ability to extend consciousness both inward and outward. This may also be thought of as an aspect of the Power of Horus

3. Skills: the principle of taking on, changing, or terminating skills. In the subjective universe these are the skills of thought, feeling, and behavior. In the objective universe these skills b come the "laws" of nature or the way things occur, subject to th workings of magic.


The Order of Horus is a Left-Hand Path initiatory Order, and works with all three of these principles. The nobles of the Order of Horus are psychecentric individuals striving for initiation and immortality. By refining the Gift of Set, each Initiate further develops the first principle. All initiation, action, and magical practices within the Order of Horus are designed to further this Left-Hand Path initiation into selfhood.

This initiatory work is furthered by the second principle: the taking of action. By taking action one's sense of self is reinforced and further defined. When an individual acts, he affirms himself as the creator and cause of the action and its result. By extending and manifesting one's own unique selfhood into the subjective and objective universes, nobles of the Order of Horus further both their selves and their power.

The Order of Horus is further based upon the third principle, which involves self-control and -mastery. With this principle the workings of magic and yoga take place as the Initiate develops new skills that further individual initiation, and casts off old and unwanted habits that limit initiation. In its work with the third principle, the Order of Horus includes all forms of operative magic, yoga, and related fields, including traditional initiatory methodologies as well as modern and postmodern methods.

The Order of Horus includes, but does not limit itself to a Left-Hand Path training curriculum based on Aleister Crowley's A.'.A.'. The primary difference between the Order of Horus system and the traditional A.'.A.'. is that the Order of Horus assumes that its initiates will choose to become "Black Brothers" and enter the City of the Pyramids as self-made and -defined Initiates. Hence the Order of Horus is not tied to an antiquated notion of initiation that requires teachers and students.

As many people are familiar with the O.T.O. and similar organizations, it is important to distinguish the Order of Horus from them. First, while the Order of Horus includes Thelema as an aeonic Word, its scope within the Order is primarily restricted to workings dealing with the third principle of skill. Secondly and more importantly, the Order of Horus is a Left-Hand Path organization which employs Right-Hand Path methodologies only as useful to individual Initiates.

The Order of Horus maintains an internal hierarchy based on a nine- grade system. However this hierarchy is subordinate to each member of the Order, regardless of grade, being treated as a noble and of equal dignity with every other member of the Order. Hence members of the Order are all equal in the sense of a college of peers or fraternal order.

The Order of Horus views itself as an Order based on power, action, and creation. The Order is primarily concerned with the initiation of its members and the sharing of initiatory methodologies. Adepts II°+ of the Temple of Set may apply by writing to the Grand Master. The Order of Horus is selective in its membership, and applicants should have one or more areas of initiatory expertise with which they have worked or wish to work.