"UART" is an Egyptian term that means "the Artist's Quarter";
a place of bifurcation or division"
{i.e. the Guild/Temenos structure within the Order}
or if seen as two words  "U" & "ART"
means "the Well of the Flame in the Great Oasis",
the  source of Dark Inspiration & Imagination within
the Temple of Set.

The Work of the Order is based upon
the "Nine Perceptions of Heka-An:
the Initiatory Significance of Art".

Within the UART are Nine Neter Guilds that w/Work
within a specific area of Art.
These are:
Acting/Performance Art
Computer Graphics/Photography
Magical Tool Making

     The UART is open by invitation to II*+ Initiates of the Temple of Set
who are ablaze with the Fire of Creation,
who are compelled to Know & Express themSelves
by & through their ArtWork,
& Work their most powerful Magic through their Art.

     Obtaining entrance into the UART is a process that begins
by submitting to the Acting Grand Master
via the Temple of Set office
1} a sample of one's ArtWork {photos/Xeroxes or websites are acceptable}
2} a written brief Manifesto of what/why/how they intend
to proceed with their w/Work in context to their Initiation,
the UART,
& the Temple of Set.


All material contained herein copyright ©1999-2000 Vorspiel TemenoStudio/Temple of Set.
All rights reserved.

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