Bibliographic Links Related to The 7 Faces of Darkness
and a few of raensepts favorite sites

  • The Seven Faces of Darkness - Practical Typhonian Magic
    Read a message from Magus Don Webb and a section from The 7 Faces of Darkness a must read!!!

  • The Enneads of Plotinus trans. Stephen MacKenna
  • Papyrus resources. Amazing! Roger Bagnall and Others
  • The Codex Brucianus - a Gnostic Fragment
  • Duke Papyri Collection
  • The Papryus of Ani
  • The Egyptian Coffin Texts
  • Based on the works of Cyril Aldred
  • Your source to medieval documents on the internet

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    UCLA Egyptology Home Page Relates to the work of Alexander Badawy
  • Egyptian Art and Architecture
  • Egyptian Arts Resources Excellent Resource!
  • The Cairo Museum
  • Egyptological Resources Page
  • Bohlaks "Magic From Antiquity"
  • The Role Of Women In Ancient Egypt
  • Centre For Computer Aided Egyptological Research
  • Down Load the Hieroglyphic Alphabet!
  • See Your Name In Hieroglyphs!
  • The Oriental Institute of Chicago
  • The Comprehensive Resource Link for Egyptologists!
  • Sumerian, Hittite, Bablyonian and more - FAQ's
  • KMT Magazine
  • Egyptian Mythology - based on Budge
  • Access the Complete "Bullfinch's Mythology - Graeco/Roman to medieval
  • The Gods of Greek Mythology - quick reference
  • Mesopotamian Kings, myths, gods etc..
  • Thoth the Great God
  • The Divine Pymander - Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus
  • Brief intro to mystic Ibn Arabi'
  • The Nag Hammadi Library